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10 months later... Dec 07 2011

I can't say I spend a lot of time documenting my work. It feels like just yesterday I wrote the previous news post, yet it has been 10 months since I did. So I guess it is time for recap of what has happened this year.

Summary of 2011 so far... Feb 06 2011

I have to say that so far 2011 has been a great year. The year started with a trip to Las Vegas where Jakob and I attended CES 2011. Playing around with all the upcoming smartphones, laptops, and other cool gadgets was definitely fun. We also managed to scope out some of the highly anticipated android tablets, such as the Motorola Xoom.

Early January we also publicly released an alpha of Unified Remote v2. Since then we have come a very long way. Alpha R2, Beta, Beta R1, and Beta R2 have also been released. We are starting feel ready for Market release. However, there are some final finishing touches that have to be made first. We are very much looking forward to releasing v2 officially. Unified Remote has truly come a long way since the launch in July 2010. As of today, 164,543 downloads total! What else.. well, we launched the offical Forum for Unified Remote, and an official Facebook Page.

Unified Remote V2 - Update Dec 06 2010

This time, a proper update. We've just released some previews of our upcoming release of Unified Remote. Feature highlights and screenshots are now available on our web site:

Unified Remote V2 - Progress Nov 01 2010

Just a quick update regarding the progress with Unified Remote V2. Lots of new features of have been implemented. Two major new features are:

  • Bluetooth (finally!)
  • Encryption / Password Protection

Also, keyboard and mouse remote access has been greatly improved, remotes have been improved (better UI support), and many new remotes have been added (including full support for Boxee, Winamp, VLC, Media Player Classic, XBMC, Media Portal). More to come of course :)

Home Integration with Unified Remote Sep 20 2010

With the anticipation of some upcoming android tablets, we've started brainstorming some new ideas regarding how Unified Remote could utilize these devices to their fullest. Our current vision is one where our app will provide full home integration and automation. With a combination of computers, sensors, and other devices we want Unified Remote to be able control as many aspects of your home in a simple and powerful way. Essentially, your Android device will become the control center for your home.

The Future with Unified Remote Sep 19 2010

I think it's finally time for a progress report regarding Unified Remote. Jakob and I have been working very hard these past weeks on the core components for the next release of Unified Remote. Version 2 will be a huge improvement, including many new features and remotes. We have also been focusing a lot on improving the general usability of the app. This includes quicker access and better integration of keyboard and mouse input, improved protocol support (tcp, bluetooth, http), and many new ideas for remotes. We have also been working hard on extensibility and customizations - allowing users to get better control over what they wish to control.

The Android Tablets Sep 18 2010

This is something that I've been waiting for! HTC is making a tablet - and rumoured to be working closesly with Google. Hopefully a Nexus One equivalent tablet. Possibly running Android 3.0 this could definitely become my first tablet, instead of the Notion Ink Adam.

Unified Remote Updates Sep 15 2010

Just some updates regarding Unified Remote. Version 2 is turning out very well. We're adding a HUGE amount of new features updates and improvements. Version 1 is almost at 40,000 downloads, which we are very happy about - and the positive reviews are appearing on some international sites as well :).

Grill Guide App v1.0 Aug 29 2010

Another app has been released - this time a small weekend-project. The name says it all, it is a simple grill guide providing a comprehensive list of grilling times and basic instructions for a variety of food items. I find myself often having to re-google certain grilling times, this app will definitely save me some time in the future! (App available on the android market of course).

Unified Remote v1.1 July 30 2010

Well, our (Jakob and I) Unified Remote app is alive and kicking! After only 5 days on the market, we've managed to get almost 5,000 downloads and plenty of great reviews. A minor update was released today, improving the keyboard remote and adding support for saving multiple hosts. Work on Version 2 will be starting now - and we have a ton of ideas and requests!

Don't forget to check out some reviews:

Unified Remote July 5 2010

The Remote project, now known as Unified Remote, now has its own official project site. The site contains all the latest information regarding features and ideas, screenshots showing some of our progress, and of course download links for beta testers!

Android, Eclipse, and SVN July 5 2010

I will be adding a new guide soon, which briefly explains how to SVN integrate your Android projects in Eclipse. I will specifically highlight some, seemingly simple, tasks that aren't very straight forward in Eclipse.

New site July 5 2010

Relmtech is now official, and I have finally sorted out my new web hosting (which currently is the Swedish web hotel Binero). I have used many different web hosts in the past, and I have decided to use Binero this time since they offer very up-to-date Windows IIS (ASP.NET) hosting. This new site contains some updated information, including my new CV, new portfolio page, and a new projects list. I have also put some effort into a new Resources section.