webCRM | Jan 2011

An Android application for the online customer relationship management service webCRM. The is currently in early the early development stage. More information will be available soon.

Grill Guide | Aug 2010

A simple grill guide providing a comprehensive list of grilling times and basic instructions for a variety of food items. Available on the Android Marketplace

Unified Remote | Apr 2010

An Android based wifi remote control application used for controlling your PC running a remote server application. Current features includes media player, mouse, keyboard, power, browser, power point, tellstick, and explorer remote control functionality. New and improved features are being added daily. Visit the official Unified Remote web site.

ParserLib | Jun 2009

A .NET class library that provides parser generation and grammar definitions integrated into the C# language. An initial public release is expected soon.


A .NET class library that provides easy-to-use, multi-threaded, event-based, client and server network communication. The project is currently hosted at CodePlex.



I recently ported my old breakout game developed in XNA to pure HTMl5 and Javascript. It should run in any decent HTML5 compatible browser (such as Chrome, IE9, Opera).
Try it here here.


A .NET class library that provides easy-to-use conversion between textile markup to html markup.


A web site that finds the latest downloads of your favorite software.


Finding the poker site for you is just a few steps away!


A .NET class library that provides easy-to-use content management, with ASP.NET integration.